Last updated: 2000.07.30

Moving Tips

According to some studies, moving is the second most stressful thing in life. Here are some tips for moving, written by me in 96 before my last big move.

  1. Throw out all the stuff that you don't need months before you even found the new house. Most of our time is actually spent on this part.
  2. Buy more boxes then you think you need. With the exception that the U-Haul unused box return deal does not really work. So beware...
  3. Buy lots of Rubbermaid boxes (the large 12/18/22 gal. type) when they go on sale. They make great packing boxes for clothings and odds-and-ends since they are very sturdy.
  4. Pack to unpack. While most things are to be moved from the same room to the same room in the new house, sort out the other stuff that will be going to a different destination and pack for the destination.
  5. Label and/or map all your computer and audio/video cabling.
  6. Label each box with the destination, use color coding and short keywords if possible. We put a strip of white masking tape on each box and write on the tape with colored markers.
  7. Move art works, computer and A/V stuff, plants etc. yourself if possible. It is expensive to have art work packed right, and this stuff is just too difficult to pack correctly. If you are planning to do this, rent/borrow a truck or a station wagon.
  8. Plan furniture placement before the move. Asking the movers to rearrange furnitures over and over waste time and money.
  9. Give the movers clear instruction, and let them do their work. Don't have unnecessary members of family around to give mis-directions.
  10. Make sure the shower and/or bath is working great in the new house before the move. It is nothing more annoying then not being able to at least relax and clean up while unpacking.