Last updated: 2002.12.16

Humor: Palm Pilot vs. Etch-a-sketch...

Hot News from Comdex -- Bill Gates just announced that Microsoft
is entering the Etch-a-sketch market with a much more easy to use
and powerful version -- Draw98 (tm) will improve upon the out-dated
Etch-a-sketch user interface by employing a single motor driven
rotating knot. During the demonstration an audience member pointed out
that the user can only move the cursor (which by the way, is animated
in the familiars Win95 style) in one axis with a single knob.
Bill promptly explained that the ability to switch axis using a touch
sensitive shift key will be added in Draw99 to be released next year.

Just before the demo unit drained the 2 pounds external power pack and
seized to function, Bill managed to demonstrate the hot-link feature
where the pictures drawn can be downloaded into Excel 97 (Not 95) via
a proprietary link. The downloaded graphics can then be imported into
Outlook and mailed to any Exchange based mail server for final viewing
in Internet Explorer.

All audience also received a preview released of the Draw99 API SDK on
six CD's. Bill told the audience that after mastering the 233 API
calls the audience will be able to develop additional software for the
Draw98 platform and promised a wealthy career in the up and coming
corporate uni-axial rendering device programming market.

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I originally posted this as a little humor on the comp.sys.palmtops.pilot newsgroup. Someone submitted it to the newsgroup and was accepted. You can read it at the archive here.

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