Last updated: 2006-03-01

What Software is Installed on my Windows Laptop

Or what are the software tools that I cannot live without? This is actually a bit dated, since I moved to the Mac. Read about the Mac and why you want to switch over!

And why do I have this list? 1 - when I switch machine or OS, I know what to install. I want to plug good software companies, esp. the small ones, so that they can survive and make better tools!

This is listed in the order of installation on the system (just upgraded to Windows 2000 recently).

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* Note: This list is somewhat out of date *

Laptop Software List

Product Type Description
Web Browsing:    
Firefox Web Browser  
Multi Media / CD / DVD / VCD...    
Itunes Music I have my entire music collection on iTunes, in Apple Lossless encoding

MP3 Player A little dated.
Nero Burning Rom fromAhead software CD/DVD burner  
AOL IM Instant Messanger See Netscape above
winzip from WinZip Computing, Inc. zip file manager  
Gnu emacs editor Download the bin-i386 and the leim modules, leim is for additional language input support.
SecureCRT by Vandyke Software telnet and SSH For connecting to Unix boxes
CuteFTP Pro from GlobalScape FTP Client Includes remote file editing.
McAfee VirusScan Virus Protection The McAfee program(s) are smaller, at least in the UI.
PasswordSafe from Counterpane Labs Password Manager

This is a tool to store passwords encrypted on your system.

Apache for Windows Web Server This is a much more configurable, small and yet powerful web server than the MS ones.

Scripting Language  
edna, a MP3 server in Python mp3 server  
Eudora email Powerful email client that works with IMAP and POP3. The author of this program, Steve Dorner, named it after Eudora Welty, the famous Southern writer, who passed away recently.
Quicktime Browser plug-in View movies, etc.
Acrobat Reader Browser plug-in To view PDFs
Inspiration 7.5
Diagraming Brain Mapping This is sold as an educational tool for brain mapping, thinking diagrams, used in school, but actually wonderful for all kinds of business thinking and diagramming tasks.
Info Select from Micro Logic Information Manager This is a (too) powerful information manager. It is too powerful in the sense that there are lots of feature that is confusing to use. There is a user level that you can set if you want to hide all the extra commands.
Microsoft Office 2000 Word Processing etc Unfortunately due to its popularity, I still need to use word, excel, powerpoint, and Visio. If someone can suggest a different product that
dtSearch Text Indexer A Search utility that allow you to scan files, including emails, PDF etc.
Dreamweaver from MacroMedia Web Site Authoring Tool Still the best out there for managing web sites.
Paint Shop Pro Graphics Editor Poor man's Photoshop
Canon Digital Camera Utilities   For downloading and processing digital pictures from my Canon S100.
IR Modem Driver for my Nokia 8890 Drivers So that I can connect to the net in double wireless mode -- no wires between my PC and the cell phone, and no wires between the cell phone and the internet


Changing Laptops

Other things to configure when moving from one system to another:

  1. Re-create all the dialup connections

Below is my old list

Connecting to the world

  • Free Agent from Forte for reading newsgroup
  • NetMeeting for video conferencing
  • NetSwitcher for switching network configuration -- useful when moving between docking station, PCMCIA ethernet card, DHCP and static IP networks -- don't need this for Windows 2000
  • Quicken ExpensAble for tracking expenses

Geek Tools

  • Java 2
  • NetStat Live from AnalogX to test internet connection speed
  • WinCVS
  • RecAll
  • WinChime
  • Toad Free for accessing Oracle
  • Oracle NT client


Palm Pilot Tools

  • Palm Desktop
  • Aportis Brain Forest Professional on Windows and on the palm for outlining -- it could use improvements
  • AportisDoc -- Doc reader
  • AdvantGo
  • Backup Buddy