Last updated: 2008.06.04

Emacs on Windows and Macs

The quintessential (I like that word, but can never spell it...) Emacs page. You use Emacs, don't you?

Using emacs for Python programming

You definitely need the python mode support for Emacs, python-mode.el. I customize it by setting the indent to 5, which is my personal preference. I like decimal systems (tabs every 5). I change the indentation by changing the py-indent-offset variable from its default of 4 to 5:

(autoload 'python-mode "python-mode" "Python editing mode." t)
(setq-default py-indent-offset 5)

Emacs on Leopard

After switching to the Mac, I use Carbon Emacs. There is also Aquamacs which I have not tried yet.

Notes for running Emacs on Windows

To customize your copy of emacs, you need to set a HOME environment variable and put a .emacs file there. Set the HOME environment variable, on NT, using Control panel, System, Environment, and create a user variable. You can check the variable by openning a DOS box (Programs, Command Prompt) and type "echo %HOME%"


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