Last updated: 2003-08-09

Tai Chi Sword

These are the movements in Tai Chi double edge sword:

  1. Beginning
  2. Fairy shows the way
  3. Three rings encircle the moon
  4. Big Star (sword to RH)
  5. Swallow skims over the water
  6. Wipe right
  7. Wipe left
  8. Small star
  9. Section Two:
    Swallow returns to its nest (L back, separate, lift L knee, embrace tip up, L bow thrust downn hands together)
  10. Cat catching a mouse
    1. embrace sword, lift R Knee
    2. embrace sword lean forward, RL back kick high
    3. step up R, thrust down both hands
    4. left hop, embrace sword, lift R knee
    5. R heel kick, embrace sword
    6. R bow, down thrust, LH block high
  11. Dragonfly skims over the water
    1. shift weight back L sit step
    2. sink wrist, upward wrist flick
  12. Wasps entering the cave
    1. (horizontal wrist flick, separation, 360 turn, down thrust hands together)
  13. Spreading wings right
  14. Small star
  15. Spreading wings left
  16. An old scholar goes fishing
  17. Parting the grass in search of snakes (three times)
  18. Birds flying back to the woods at nightfall
  19. Section 3:
    Dragon swaying its tail (horizonal wrist flick, separation)
  20. Dragon playing in the water (thrust)
  21. Lotus swaying in the wind (cut R, R turn)
  22. Lion shaking its head
    1. Turn over sword, swing R
    2. Step L foot back, cut at front
    3. Shift weight L, cut and Parry (drawing back to L, weight L)
    4. Turn over sword, swing L
    5. R foot back, cut at front
    6. Weight R, cut and Parry
  23. Tiger embracing its head (step back L, embrace sword lift R knee)
  24. Wild horse jumping over a stream
    1. embrace sword, R kick
    2. R bow, thrust down both hands
    3. L hop, embrace sword flat
    4. R heel kick, embrace sword
    5. spring forward, R bow, down thrust, LH block
  25. Turn around and halt the horse
    1. turn L, lift sword
    2. L bow, chop and thrust vertical blade
    3. slide R foot forward half step, sword flat
    4. weight R, draw L foot back half step
    5. embrace sword, pull back, focus on handle
  26. Step up and point forward
    1. L up, weight to L
    2. stomp, foot togethr, thrust flat, hands together,
  27. Facing the wind to brush away the dust
  28. Section 4:
    Moving the board with the current
  29. Comet chasing the moon
  30. Bird flying over the water fall

Source: Tai Chi Sword poster