Last updated: 2000-12-10

Kung Li Chuen

These are the movements in Kung Li Chuen, from my own notes:

Section One

Start facing North

  1. Swing straight arms holding fist overhead forward to cross in front of body in front of dan tein. Right over Left.
  2. Swing backwards overhead, all the way, elbow strike to front, draw elbows back and stand tall and straight
  3. Double punch to sky, look up, step left leg to left shoulder width.
  4. Drop hands, via ear, punch forward/down and switch into horse stance. Count 10 seconds

...more to come...

Section Two

Start facing East

  1. Turn left into left bow step, double punch to North.
  2. Swing arms back, left arm elbow strike towards front, right arm straight back, stand on one right leg, left foot point downwards, still faces north
  3. Step forward with left foot into left bow, left back fist press/chop horizontal down, lean forward north, extend
  4. Turn left into horse stance facing west, right back fist press/chop horizontal down, left fist withdraw to waist

  1. Turn right into right bow stance, double punch to north
  2. Twist step moving right leg behind left, weight on left, block at face with right palm facing vertical south, left arm punch south
  3. Use waist, turn 270 degrees clockwise to face east, left arm swing horizontal fist strike in front (palm facing up, strike with bottom of horizontal fist right), right arm grab into fist ending straight behind body, slightly higher than shoulder. right bow stance. Do not move foot from 3.
  4. Bring left foot to side of right, stomp, right fist upper cut/punch to front, draw left fist to waist.

Source: Notes from class.