Last updated: 2004-11-23

Essentials of Tai Chi

These are the movements in the Essentials of Tai Chi Form from my own notes:


Start facing North

  1. Preparation
    1. get ready, feet together
    2. shift weight left, sink down
    3. step out right
    4. shift weight center, sink
  2. tai Chi Beginning
    1. sink shoulders to raise arms
    2. sink elbows
    3. sink wrist raise hands
    4. push down both hands
  3. Wave hands like Clouds (2 times)
    1. weight left, block left
    2. turn left, invert hands
    3. weight right, hands up and down
    4. turn right, invert hands
  4. Grasp the birds tail
    1. weight left, press right
    2. turn left, weight left, drag down
    3. weight right, block left, raise hands
    4. cross hands and press
  5. Single Whip
    1. weight right, block right, relax left
    2. turn right hook hand, left palm up
    3. left foot outward pivot, block left
    4. weight left, push left
  6. Crossing Hands
    1. left foot inward pivot, weight center, separate hands
    2. palms to fists, cross hands down
    3. lift fists
    4. change weight to center, relax fist to palms
  7. Conclusion
    1. press down, sink down
    2. separate hands
    3. relax, straighten up and down
    4. right foot touch left

Source: Notes from class.