Last updated: 2004-05-21

Essentials of Combined Tai Chi Chuen

These are the movements in the Essentials of Combined Tai Chi Form, from my own notes:

Start facing North

  1. Preparation (4)
  2. tai Chi Beginning
  3. Advance Grasp the birds tail (8)
  4. Wave Hands like Clouds (3x3)
  5. Advanced Brush Knee and Push (5)
  6. Hands Strum the Lute (3)
  7. Small Capture brush knee and groin Punch
  8. Upper Chop Snapping Punch and Press
  9. Punch from Below Stand on One Leg
  10. High Pat the Horse
    make sure the knife hand is "straight from hand to arm", and at eye level. Compare movement with Repulse monkey, which is a push at chest level
  11. Step forward and Press
    Application technique is the "one hand control three hands" move. Block upper side strike, coil and capture same stiking hand stiking waist, continue to coil and capture other stiking hand punching forward
  12. Stretching Heel Kick
  13. ...

Source: Notes from class.