Last updated: 2002.05.23

Tivoli Audio Model One Radio

I love Radio, especially Public Radio. In an office or home office setting, all I want is a good small radio, with reasonable sound, and good FM reception. The Tivoli Audio' Model One fits the bill perfectly. And it looks great. And it has a old fashion (high tech behind it) dial for tuning.

Box Content

The Model one comes in a small box with the usual white molded styrofoam blocks holding the radio. It comes with a polarized white flat power cable. The cable is polarized on both ends, i.e. the plus that goes into the radio is polarized as well. Good design, but you cannot then use a normal power cable. It also comes with a white external FM antenna, which is a piece of wire with a 75 ohms plug at one end.


  • FM sensitivity is great, even with the internal antenna. At home I just use the internal antenna. In the office, with lots of electronic noise and office building, I need to use a amplified antenna to pull in the weaker station. Note that the Model One performs the same as my Cambridge Soundworks Model 88.
  • The dial feels great. It is geared, so it tunes amazingly accurately. There is a LED display that helps you center on your station. The LED lights up brighter as the signal gets stronger.


  • I cannot believe they did this -- the Model One has an AUX input, good for a CD player or your PC, but there is no input selector switch on the front. If you plug in the AUX input, the AUX jack basically disable all radio function. They fixed this with the Model Two.

Other Observations

The radio has a hole at the bottom. This is the ported speaker design. i.e. the bottom openning helps make the speaker sounds good, and it does.

The radio is loud ! At least in my offices, I only need to turn the volume knob a few degrees to bring it to a normal listening volume.