Sony Sprint PCS Phone Review

On the Servicee

  • I signed up for the chartered member rates just before the offer ended. With the home rate plan I managed to rack up several hundred minutes of long distance calls while I was travelling. Since these minutes come out of my free 400 minutes, I ended up paying 15 cents long distance which is much cheaper than calling cards and of course hotel rates.
  • Home Rates also allows me to make local call in the home rate cities away from home and debit the minutes from my normal free minutes. So I can make local calls in a remote city virtually for free.
  • When I am using the phone to make long distance call, I get echo on my end. That is quite annoying. I don't use Sprint long distance for my wired phones so I don't know if this is a normal problem for Sprint.
  • Coverage in the greater Boston area is not good enough. It is very spotty in Lexington. It does not work indoors in parts of Belmont.

On the Sony Phone

  • The thumb dial lets me operates the phone with one hand. I usually just scroll the dial directory to the number that I wanted.
  • When you are entering text into the phone (directory, for example) the phone has a smart advance feature. So if you used the "1" key to enter either A, B or C, and you press another key, it assumes correctly that you are done with the first key and advances the cursor over without you having to do it yourself.
  • Once the phone recorded a number because you dialed it. You can scroll back to that number and save it without having to reenter the number.
  • Many of the functions requires you to push the thumb dial to activiate a function. The dial on my phone is so sensitive that often I ended up invoking the scroll down function instead because if I don't push the dial straight in, it ended up rotating just a bit.