Last updated: 2004.10.21

Sony ericsson HDH-65 Bluetooth Headset

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This review contains my user experience of using my Sony ericsson HBH 65 Bluetooth headset. I am using it primarily with my Sony Ericsson Z600 phone. I can also use it with my IBM Thinkpad X31 as a headset (see later).

Out of the Box Experience

This is not so much of an out of the box experience but more like, now do I turn it on (or off)? The first obvious problem with using such a device is that there is no display and there are only three buttons on the device -- The main button, and the + and - button for the volume. The only output on the headset is the earpiece. So how can Sony cramp all the operating functions into this limited user interface?

How to Use

User Interface , or How do I use this thing?

If you want to Do this The button shows this color
Turn it on Press and hold the main button until you hear a short low following by a short high tone flushing green
Turn it off Press and hold the main button until you hear a short high follow by a short low tone nothing
Initiate Voice Dialing

Press the main button quickly, you will hear a short tone, you may hear more repeated beeping until the headset connects with the phone, then you hear the "standard" voice dial prompt tone from the phone, which is a high tone followed by a low tone.

Sounds confusing? It is a little, until you get used to it. The easiest way is, if you can see the phone, watch the display to see the phone's display prompting for voice command.

Answer Call press main button  
Charging if the headset is on: flashing Red, then flashing Green when Done
Charging if the headset is off: steady Red, then steady Green when Done

What happen if you switch it on and see it flashing red and green? It is because it lost its pairing information with the phone. You will also hear a "low - high - beep" sequence when you switch it on. You have to re-do the pairing:


First, set the headset up for scanning (to be discovered by other devices):

  1. from off, press and hold main button for about 10 seconds, until you see the button flashes green and red alternatively
  2. From the other device, phone for example, start the scanning process.
  3. Once the phone found the headset, you need to enter the passkey of the headset. It is set to 0000.
  4. That's it !

Using it with the PC

I successfully paired the headset with my bluetooth enabled thinkpad X31. It supports the "headset" profile. Once paired, I can use the headset to listen to music and record sound. Sounds great, except -- Seems like I cannot pair the headset with both my cellphone and the laptop at the same time. That, makes no sense.