Last updated: 2003.07.29

Canon Powershot S100 Digital Camera

Why Did I buy This Camera?

I really want something that I can truly carry around everywhere I go. So I don't have to miss a picture again. So often I noticed something visually interesting and wished I can capture the moment. So far so good. I have been carrying this in my backpack, or in my coat pocket a lot. I still have missed some moments, esp. now that I am in Tokyo. But I am getting close to it.

Some cool facts about this camera -- it is marketed by Canon under different names in different parts of the world. In Japan it is know is the IXUS, not the Powershot.

Update: My S100 is now obsolete! The twiced improved S200 (or IXUS 200 in Japan) is this camera updated, supporting video clip (movie) mode, as well as a orientation sensing system. Then there is the S400 which is the top of the line model -- a 4 mega pixel version. There is a S300 that has 3x zoom, and 3 megapixel. Although the S300 looks very similar ot the S100, it IS bigger, so the S200/S100 is still better in my humble opinion.

[ check S230 prices at Amazon]

[ check S400 prices at Amazon]


The minimal requirements for a good digital camera should be:

  • 2 megapixel (good enough for a 8x10 print)
  • optical zoom


  • Small size
  • Small size


  • Flash is not powerful enough to cover distance, for large group photos, for example



I have not spent the time to organize my pictures yet, so here are some completely un-process snapshots. I use Kokak's OFOTO to print them to paper. THe results are pretty nice even at size of 8 x 10.