Last updated: 2008.01.18

MacBook Pro Review

It took me about one whole year to completely switched to the Mac. I use my machines everyday for work and play. It is not a trivial task to decide, and to actually make the switch.


This is a 2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo MBP, with 2 GB of SDRAM and 120 GB of hard disk space.

Software List

This has been the hardest part about the switch, finding the right set of tools for the new system.

General Software Tools

  • Word Processing etc: iWorks from Apple.
  • Photo Management and light editing: Aperture 1.5 (have not upgraded to 2.0 yet).
  • Things for Task and Time Management, think GTD
  • I am using apple's for now, it has it's good and bad points.
  • Omnigraffle for diagramming
  • mindjet for mind mapping
  • ecto for blogging
  • trying NetNewsWire as a RSS reader, going between this and google reader.
  • Twitterific for twittering


Programming Software Tools

  • iTerm for Terminal
  • Carbon Emacs and Aquamacs for source code editing
  • Transmit for SFTP, best of the poor selection