Last updated: 2004.02.12

Bose QuietComfort 2 Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

Out of the Box experience

The headphones are very well packaged. It was shipped to me in the original Bose box. The box is sized just for the headphones. there is no padding. The carrying case sits inside the box. All the accessories are packaged inside a zip lock bag inside a semicircular plastic box that fits right in between the headband. Nice touches -- everything is inside a zip lock bag. Even the included battery is inside it's own little zip lock bag. No need to tear into plastic trying to open.

The battery goes into a little compartment on the right side of the headphone. It is fairly well hidden. You may not find if if not for the enclosed quick start instruction sheet.

The inside of the case has a biz card holder on the left, and a mesh pocket for the accessories. Both are held in place with velcro. The accessories fit into the accessories bag very tightly.

Another small touch, the cord can be detached. Which means if you want to just use the headphones for noise cancellation, you don't have to drag the cord around.