Last updated: 2003.08.18


I brought this Bluetooth USB adaptor because my Thinkpad T22 laptop does not have built in bluetooth interface. I actually wanted to buy the cheaper shorter range version but they did not have it in stock. I want to connect my Sony Ericsson T610 cellphone to my laptop so that I can transfer pictures and sounds back and forth, and also to connect to the internet via the phone without having to use IR.

Out of Box Experience

The adaptor came in plain box within a box packaging. The real stuff is inside the box with a little foam cover. It comes with the adaptor, CD-ROM with software, a USB extension cable in case you want to put the adaptor somewhere other than right at the USB port, and two instructions booklet. One is a quick install guide, the other is the user guide.


I followed the installation instruction in the user guide. First install the software before plugging in the device. It installed a system tray icon which allows me to configure the devices and services. After a reboot I plug the adaptor into a free port on my USB hub. The device seems to find the installed drivers and completed the installation. (This is different from the installation instructions in the user guide -- which says I will have to manually choose the driver location).

Connection between the T610 Cellphone and Laptop

I started the connection from the cellphone side. It scanned and found the laptop. Perhaps it only want to communicate in paired mode. It asked for a password when adding the device. The password is set on the phone, and it is for access the cellphone. When I try to access the phone from the laptop, it asked for that password.

Note -- the password can only be numeric, at least on the cellphone.

Now that the two devices are paired, the communication between them is seamless. The phone expose its pictures, sounds, and themes as folder. I can drag and drop between the two devices. Seems like the underlaying procotol is FTP.


The software version of the adaptor CD-ROM is