Last updated: 2003.01.18

Bang & Olfsen A8 Headphones

These Bang and Olfsen headphones, or earphones, is just plain cool. First, the packaging. It comes in a brown carton small box with the B&O logo. When you buy it, they can also gift wrap it for you with a B&O ribbon. How cute. For the price you pay, you should expect that !

Besides looking cool, it actually sounds very good. One of the reason that it sounds much better than the others is that you can really adjust how it seats on your ear. It is not obvious if you look at the headphones casually, but the distance between the earpiece and the top of the ear hook is adjustable. The earpiece also can swing in and out so that you can adjust the pressure you want, i.e. how tight you want the ear piece to push into your ear. All in all, this is a very well designed piece of hardware. Looks cool, sounds great, what more do you need !?