About PK Shiu

PK is a multi-roots global citizen soon to reside in Shanghai. He grew up in Hong Kong, educated in England and United States, worked in US, Europe and Asia. He is a technologist, educator, parent, community activist, and blogger.


PK founded and ran Imperial Consulting, Inc, helping start up entrepreneurs realized their business visions. Before that he was the CTO of AdvisorTech Corporation, building a global financial platform bringing him to Frankfurt, Tokyo, Seoul, San Francisco and back to Boston. Along the way he flew mover 1 million air miles. He worked at CustomMade Ventures, a fast growing start up in Cambridge MA creating their payment systems. He spent a lot of years in Fidelity Investments building their market data infrastructures. He used to post a brief CV here but his LinkedIn profile now does a pretty good job.


You will find PK practicing and teaching Tai Chi and other martial arts weekly. He is keep up his reading of books either with physical copies or on his Kindle. Here are some of his favorite quotes that reflects his thoughts on this world. Some lighter quotes makes him laugh. He is very interested in user interfaces in the virtual and the real world.


If you visit, make sure you follow the model house rules. He taught his kids to not live by the toddler's creed.


About this website

This site is powered by a content management system I developed myself using Python and Django. It is important to eat your own dog food. This is the fifth iteration of pkshiu.com. I started this site back in 2001. Check it out! I started with hand coded HTML, then switched to Dreamweaver and my own templates until Dreamweaver gotten really blotted and overpriced. Then I moved to Django, and use different themes developed by other designers. I gave it another new look in the middle of 2012, with the current HD picture and slideshow style.

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