Zojirushi Hot Water Dispensing Pot Review

Zojirushi Hot Water Dispensing Pot Review

This is a review of the Japanese Zojirushi hot water dispensing pot, CD-LCC30. Or the Micom 3.0 Liter Electric Dispensing Pot, as it is called. I bought it from Amazon when they were having a sale. There are three different models with different sizes, the 3.0 Liter is the smaller one. For what I need that is enough.

My parents have a lower tech version of this for a long time. It is very useful if you want to have hot water for tea or cooking. I drink lots of tea, and sometimes coffee. I am the lazy type where I microwave cup(s) of hot water. Seems like a waste of energy, and it takes time. This hot water pot works well as a high tech solution.

The basic operation is that the pot will boil water and then keep it at one of three temperatures, 208, 195 or 175 degrees F. There is an electric pump that dispenses the hot water. There are two different buttons for the pump, you have to press UNLOCK, then press the DISPENSE button to pump the water. The unit will auto lock after 10 seconds of unused. A good safety feature.

There are a few very neat design things that is not obvious if you look at the product description:

  • The entire unit swivel. It has a built in turntable base. This make dispensing and counter placement easier.
  • The lid can be pop open, or removed completely. It makes cleaning much easier.
  • The electric (AC) cord has a magnet built in, so it can be connected and disconnected easily. The contacts are mechanical, but the magnet helps hold the plug in place.
  • The outside water level indicator is very clever — it is a round tube with blue diagonal strips as background. Therefore if there is water in the tube, the strips are magnified. It is very easy to see where is the water level.

Conclusion — highly recommended.

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